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Matthew Flinders Home Inc. Home Care Packages Program


Government funded Consumer Directed Home Care Packages

Empowering you to have control of your care and wellbeing

Enabling you to make informed choices about your services and their delivery

Freedom to allocate your packaged funds to services that will maximise your quality of life, foster re-ablement and independence

Opportunity to remain living in your own home for as long as possible

Respecting your choices and advocating for your best interests

• Receive some assistance in your home
• Maximise your social opportunity and stay in touch with your community
• Visit a Clinical or Allied health specialist
• Purchase some assistive equipment
• Take a break

Your opportunity is endless
Your care, your budget, your way

We will work together in partnership to tailor a suite of services of your choice that meet all of your individual needs and interests

For more information visit our website at
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Max Exit Amount: 4410

Street Unit Number: Unit 2


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Matthew Flinders Home Inc. Home Care Packages Program
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